1. Introduction
2. The Sun
  • Main Features
  • Solar Structure
  • Surface and Atmosphere
  • Photosphere
  • Chromosphere
  • Corona
  • Solar Activity
  • Sunspots
  • 3. What are RS CVn Stars?!
  • Binaries
  • Algol star (eclipsing binary)
  • Capella - the brightest and the best learned RS CVn type of star
  • 4. Electrophotometry of SV Cam
  • General info
  • History of studying SV Cam
  • Graphs
  • Conclusion

  • Our Team

    In the center of our research is the CV Cam star. It belongs to the RS CVn type of variable stars - close binary systems with chromospherically active components. The light curve of the star is obtained on the basis of electrophotometrically observations in UBV system. Possible similarities with the solar activity are considered.

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